A Glimpse of Our Past

Our store, Fishing Tackle and Sporting Goods, is a locally owned family business.  We opened our doors in 1976.  Yes, those were the days before the fax machine and the internet.  Now you might ask, how was it like starting a specialty retail store back then on such a remote island, Saipan? Remote as it seemed in those days.  Options were few.  Grab a pen and paper, write, address an envelope  and mail.  That was just what we did.  We sent numerous letters to suppliers of various fishing tackle (and some had to ask ...Saipan?  Spain? Saigon?)  Well, those questions were well straightened out.  And by sharing our vision and determination to serve our island with the best fishing tackle available,  their support led to having to be able to bring in a wide variety of quality fishing and sporting goods from the USA, Japan, and other parts of the world. Most importantly,  our valuable customers have kept us here throughout the years.  Along with our customer's support, they have shared many interesting stories and wonderful photos for us to keep and cherish for many more years to come. 


From the bottom of our hearts and from the deepest depth of the ocean,


Thank you, Si Yu'us ma'ase, and Olomwaay reemi.





Fish Responsibly.

Save our oceans for all generations to come.


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